Vol 23, No 1 (2005)

Special Issue: Czechs, Slovaks, and Sorbs

The main topics of this issue are Social Change and Civil Society, Issues of Gender and Sexuality, Ethnic Minorities, and Memory, History, and the Ethnographic Present.  The guest editors are Timothy McCajor Hall and Rosie Read. 

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER editor 1-3

Special Issue Section

Guest Editors’ Notes Special Issue on Ethnographies of Czechs, Slovaks, and Sorbs PDF
Timothy McCajor Hall, Rosie Read 4-9
Measuring Perceptions of “Corruption” in Czech Society PDF
Raymond June 10-29
Social Atomization and Structural Violence in the Transition from Socialism PDF
David Karjanen 30-37
“Only a Dead Fish Flows with the Stream”: NGO Formalization, Anarchofeminism, and the Power of Informal Associations PDF
Karen Kapusta-Pofahl, Hana Hašková, Marta Kolářová 38-52
Old Entitlements and New Dependencies: Family versus State in the Czech Republic PDF
Rebecca Nash 53-62
“A Dirty Crab Eating Away at the Breast”: The Stigma of Cancer in Post-Socialist Czech Republic PDF
Denise Kozikowski 63-78
Planned Parenthood behind the Curtain: Population Policy and Sterilization of Romani Women in Communist Czechoslovakia, 1972-1989 PDF
Vera Sokolová 79-98
Pornography, Primitives, and Postsocialist Slovakia PDF
James Quin 99-113
“Same People, Same System”: Change and Gender in a Moravian Toy Factory PDF
Ben Hill Passmore 114-123
“Talking Nicely”: The Bio-Politics of Social Work in the Ostrava Roma Community PDF
Krista Hegburg 124-135
Czechs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Their Social Activities PDF
Zdeněk Uherek, Kateřina Plochová 136-150
Ethnic Identity, Language Attitudes, and the Reception of Culture among Students of Sorbian Schools PDF
Leoš Šatava 151-159
Telling Lives. Autobiography and History After Socialism PDF
Haldis Haukanes 160-168
Memory, Space, and Time Perceptions in a Postsocialist Village of Southern Slovakia PDF
Davide Torsello 169-177
Anthropology of Europe and Community Re-Studies: Proposal for a New Concerted Research Initiative PDF
Peter Skalník 178-193
Correspondence: Reply to Michał Buchowski PDF
Chris Hann 194-197
Correspondence: Reply to Chris Hann PDF
Michal Buchowski 198-200

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