Vol 25, No 1 (2007)

Papers from the symposium "Encounters of the Postsocialist Kind: The Movement of Goodsand Identities within and Beyond the Former Socialist World" with guest editors Lale Yalçın-Heckmann and Hülya Demirdirek

Table of Contents

Symposium: “Encounters of the Postsocialist Kind: The Movement of Goods and Identities within and Beyond the Former Socialist World” PDF
AEER editor 1-3
Editors' Notes PDF
Krista Harper, Julie Hemment 4-5

Special Issue Section

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Encounters of the Postsocialist Kind: The Movement of Goods and Identities Within and Beyond the Former Socialist World PDF
Lale Yalçın-Heckmann, Hülya Demirdirek 6-14
New Modes of Capitalist Domination: Transnational Space Between Turkey and Moldova PDF
Hülya Demirdirek 15-20
‘Nothing Has Changed, It Just Turned Illegal’: Discourses for the Justification of Illegal Trade and Immigration in the Moldovan Republic PDF
Monica Heintz 21-28
Crossing Borders, Shifting Identities: Transnationalism, ‘Materialisation’, and Commoditisation of Greek Ethnicity in Post-Soviet Russia PDF
Anton Popov 29-41
The Coca-Cola Kashkaval Network: Βelonging and Business in the Postsocialist Balkans PDF
Georgios Agelopoulos 42-52
Equipment and Changing Outdoor Culture in the Czech Republic PDF
Tomáš Kvasnička 53-63
From ‘Public’ to ‘Private’ Markets in Postsocialist Mongolia PDF
Morten A. Pedersen 64-71
Unstable Objects: Corpses, Checkpoints and ‘Chessboard Borders’ in the Ferchana Valley PDF
Madeleine Reeves 72-84
Contested Identity: Encounters with Kazak Diaspora Returning to Kazakstan PDF
Meltem Sancak 85-94

Open Forum Section

Slovenia and its National Winter Pastime: In Pursuit of an Anthropology of Alpine Skiing PDF
Vlado Kotnik 95-104
Veering Toward Radicalism: A Case Study on the Increase of the Popular Support for Organized Radical Movements in Poland PDF
Alexsandra Skalska 105-111
The Local and the Global: In Search of European Identity in the Czech Local Community PDF
Hana Horáková 112-116

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