Vol 30, No 1 (2012)

Memories, commemorations, and representations of Chernobyl

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Memories, commemorations, and representations of Chernobyl

Memories, commemorations, and representations of Chernobyl: Introduction PDF
Melanie Arndt 1-12
Chernobyl in the eyes: mythology as a basis of individual memories and social imaginaries of a “Chernobyl child” PDF
Svetlana Bodrunova 13-24
Ecological Refugees and Lost Land PDF
Jana Kopelentova Rehak 25-64
Ordinary Tragedy: “Perestroika” of Collective Memory about Chernobyl Disaster in Belarusian History Textbooks PDF
Andrei Dudchik, Marharyta Fabrykant 65-81
Chernobyl’s Aftermath in Political Symbols, Monuments and Rituals: Remembering the Disaster in Belarus PDF
Tatiana Kasperski 82-99
Approaching the Void – Chernobyl’ in Text and Image PDF
Andrea Zink 100-112
Coming to Terms with the Soviet Myth of Heroism Twenty-five Years After the Chernobyl’ Nuclear Disaster: An Interpretation of Aleksandr Mindadze’s Existential Action Movie Innocent Saturday PDF
Johanna Lindbladh 113-126
An Illustrated Guide to the Post-catastrophe Future PDF
Sarah D. Phillips, Sarah Ostaszewski 127-140


Hybridizing postsocialist trajectories: an investigation into the biznes of the U.S. missile base in Rędzikowo and urbanization of villages in provincial Poland PDF
Edyta Materka 141-183
Youth camps in Post-Soviet Russia and the Northern Caucasus: the cases of Seliger and Mashuk 2010 PDF
Giorgio Comai 184-212
The Authentic Village and the Modern City: The Space-Time of Class Identities in Urban Western Ukraine PDF
Elizabeth A Peacock 213-236


Les silences de Tchernobyl. L’avenir contaminé. (Ackerman, Grandazzi and Lemarchand) PDF
Katrin Jordan 237-240
Worse Than Radiation and 7 Odd Chernobyl Stories (Mirnyi) PDF
Harrison King 241-243
Domestic Violence in Postcommunist States. Local Activism, National Policies and Global Forces (Fábián) PDF
Raluca Maria Popa 244-246
Making the New Post-Soviet Person: Moral Experience in Contemporary Moscow (Zigon) PDF
Susanne Cohen 247-248
Citizenship and the Legitimacy of Governance: Anthropology in the Mediterranean Region (Pardo and Prato) PDF
Sener Akturk 249-251
Borderlands into Bordered Lands: Geopolitics of Identity in Post-Soviet Ukraine (Zhurzhenko) PDF
Vitaly Chernetsky 252-254

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