Vol 29, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Unusual Ingredients: Gastronationalism, Globalization, Technology, and Zeppelins in the Lithuanian Imagination PDF
Diana Mincyte 1-21
The Gendered Feast: Experiencing a Georgian Supra PDF
Laura Joy Linderman 22-50
“Partially Color”– Rethinking Exterior and Interior Spaces in Communist Romania PDF
Laura Visan 51-66
Liminality in Love: Reading Ritualized Institutional Practice as Civil Society in Alina Rudnitskaya's Civil Status PDF
Cassandra Hartblay 67-89
Identity Factory: HIV/AIDS and the Figure of Its Sufferer in Early Independent Ukraine PDF
Viktoriya Zhukova 111-128
The Life Histories of Caregivers in a Romanian Orphanage PDF
Patricia Ward 129-152
Pictures from the Margins: Disability and Difference in Post-Socialist Art PDF
Olia Bueva 153-180
Capitalism, Nationalism, and Religious Revival: Transformations of the Ritual Cycle in Postsocialist Moldova PDF
Jennifer R. Cash 181-203
Reinstating International Women’s Day in the Czech Republic: Feminism, Politics and the Specter of Communism PDF
Karen Kapusta-Pofahl 204-214

Notes from the Field

Two Bad Words: FEMEN & Feminism in Independent Ukraine PDF
Jessica Zychowicz 215-227
Notes on Emptiness and the Importance of Maintaining Life PDF
Dace Dzenovska 228-241
What is a nationalist? Some Thoughts on the Question from Bosnia-Herzegovina PDF
Larisa Kurtović 242-253
Looking for “Politics” PDF
Alexandre Beliaev 254-257


Fashion East: The Spectre that Haunted Socialism (Djurdja Bartlett) PDF
Jianhua (Andrew) Zhao 258-259
Contradictory Outcomes of US Aid to Women’s NGOs (Kateryna Pishchikova) PDF
Alexandra Hrycak 260-261
Russia on the Edge: Imagined Geographies and Post-Soviet Identity (Edith W. Clowes) PDF
Rebecca Mitchell 262-263
Polish Families and Migration Since EU Accession (Anne White) PDF
Kinga Pozniak 264-265
Celebrity and Glamour in Contemporary Russia: Shocking Chic (Helena Goscilo and Vlad Strukov Eds.) PDF
Benjamin M. Sutcliffe 266-267

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