Number One (June 2013)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

From the Editor PDF

Kenshur Prize for Best Book in Eighteenth-Century Studies

Introductory Comments PDF
Rebecca L. Spang 3
Joanna Stalnaker’s The Unfinished Enlightenment PDF
Lynn Festa 5
In Praise of History’s Losers: A Redemptive Reading of the Obsolete Enlightenment PDF
Trish Loughran 9

Bloomington Workshop (annual spring conference)

Call for Papers PDF
The Center 13
Conference Program PDF
The Center 15
About the Participants PDF
The Center 17
Working on Playing (introduction) PDF
Rebecca L. Spang 20
“We invented a new game”: British Children’s Responses to the French Revolution (abstract) PDF
Kathryn Gleadle 22
In the Face of Difference: Molineux, Cribb, and the Violence of the Fancy (abstract) PDF
Daniel O'Quinn 23
The Follies of War (comment) PDF
Lara Kriegel 25
Discussion (transcript) PDF
Workshop Participants 29
On Huizinga and Schiller: The Play Drive in Politics and Life (comment) PDF
Michel Chaouli 50
Discussion (transcript) PDF
Workshop Participants 53
Letter Paintings and the Culture of Confiance in Eighteenth-Century France (abstract) PDF
Nina L. Dubin 69
“Une fois piquée au jeu…”: The Motif of Game and the Function of Chance in Laclos’ Les Liaisons dangereuses (abstract) PDF
Anne Beate Maurseth 71
“That Cursed Itch of Play”: Finance and Gambling in Henry Fielding (abstract) PDF
Dwight Codr 73
Capturing the Queen: Jane Austen’s Pedagogy of Playful Reading (abstract) PDF
Miranda Yaggi 75
Discussion (transcript) PDF
Workshop Participants 76
“This house resolves that gambling is a fundamentally rational activity” (transcript) PDF
Richard Nash, Jesse Molesworth 100
Eighteenth-Century Play and Games in the Collections of the Lilly Library PDF
Erika Dowell, Jillian Hinchliffe 119
Eighteenth-Century Theatrical War Plays and the Experience of War (abstract) PDF
Cornelis Van der Haven 128
Mirrors, Thresholds, Fun: Reflections on Play, War, and Historicity (abstract) PDF
Jonathan Elmer 133
Play in War, War in Play (comment) PDF
Hall Bjornstad 135